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8Ware 3D Printing Pen - Yellow

Manufacturer: 8Ware
Manufacturer part number: 8WD-100B-YEL
Delivery date: 3-5 days


Step into the world of 3D Printing with the 3D Printing Pen!
Draw your creations in 3 dimensions as your ideas leap off the page and into reality.
Great for creative minds, artists, product developers or even just for a bit of imaginative fun.
The 8WD-100B-YEL comes ready to use with plastic filaments in 3 colours; simply connect the power adaptor, insert the coloured filament of your choice and bring your creations to life.

The 3D Pen can be both fun and functional; the more you use it the better your creations will become. There really is no more affordable way to experience 3D printing for yourself, to begin to comprehend this revolutionary technology.

Have an idea for a new product or design Draw it to life with the 3D Pen!
Perhaps the kids want to add some details or accessories to their Lego™ collection.
Personalised decorations at Christmas and birthdays Design away…


  • Colour: Blue
  • LCD screen: Yes
  • Support Materials: ABS
  • Heating temperature: up 210 - 235 celsius degree for ABS
  • Working voltage: 12V, 2A
  • Product dimension (pen): 19 x 3.1 x 4.6 cm
  • Product weight (pen): 0.065kg
Products specifications
Manufacturer 8Ware